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Occupational Qualifications System

Estonian occupational qualifications system forms a part of the Estonian qualifications system that links life-long learning system and the labour market.

The objective of the occupational qualifications system is:

  • to support the competitive edge of the Estonian workforce – Estonian workforce is competent, they have the knowledge, skills and attitudes required for successful operation;
  • to form prerequisites that the content and quantity of studies targeted at occupational activities meet requirements of the labour market;
  • to facilitate that the competence of individuals is appreciated and recognised, regardless where and how the studies took place;
  • to make occupational qualifications internationally comparable.

The following principles have been taken into account while developing the occupational qualifications system in Estonia:

  • stakeholders of the labour market are involved in all parts of the occupational qualifications system – employers, employees, the state, trainers. Agreements are based on the co-operation of various stakeholders;
  • it follows an integrated qualifications system model;
  • the main concept of the occupational qualifications system is competence, that means the system is based on competence both conceptually and in reality;
  • occupational qualifications system is built and operational as a quality system.

Parts and outcomes of the system are:

  1. the system of occupational qualification standards – occupational qualification standards
  2. the system of awarding occupational qualifications – occupational qualification certificates
  3. the system of the classification and cataloguing of occupational qualifications – the catalogue of occupational qualifications
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