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Europass Centre

Europass facilitates the recognition of skills and qualifications of citizens across all EU countries and supports them in the process of moving abroad to work or study. Europass promotes the free movement of workers between the EU and its neighbouring countries.

33 European countries have joined the Europass project. In addition to EU Member States, Norway, Iceland, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Turkey and North Macedonia also participate in Europass.

A National Europass Centre has been created in every EU country that participates in Europass. These centres are responsible for providing access to Europass documents to all those interested and for promoting the use of Europass, including through co-operation with partners from private, public and non-governmental sectors.

The Europass Centre in Estonia started operations under the Estonian Qualifications Authority on 1 May 2005.

As of 2020, Europass is primarily a pan-European website where people can quickly and easily present and share their qualifications and work and study experience in digital format and search for additional information.

The European Commission provides this service free of any charge and in 29 different languages, including Estonian.

The best tool for managing your learning and career in Europe

Europass allows you to provide a good overview of your skills and qualifications. Regardless of whether you are still studying, starting your first job or just looking for new challenges.

Europass allows you to:

  • map your skills and experience;
  • learn about trusted and tailored learning and job opportunities across Europe;
  • write CVs and cover letters using editable templates;
  • receive accurate information on working and learning in Europe;
  • find links to appropriate support networks.

The tools supporting you in your learning and career development

Europass offers free online tools that support both learners, workers and job-seekers. Before sending any application be sure to consult some of the tools offered.

  • Europass profile
  • Europass CV editor
  • Cover letter editor
  • Diploma supplement
  • Certificate supplement
  • Europass Mobility

Reliable information on studying and working in Europe

Europass provides reliable information on studying and working in different European countries by giving links to relevant European and national sources. This can help you find available courses and jobs.

In addition, Europass provides guidance and support with validation and recognition of your qualifications.

Europass digital credentials

Europass digital credentials are digital credentials legally equivalent to paper-based certificates. They allow institutions to issue you digital, tamper-proof qualifications and other learning credentials free of charge.

These credentials are used to qualify for job positions, university placements and more.

With Europass, you can safely store and share these credentials so you no longer have to deal with paper versions of your certificates and diplomas.


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