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Kutsekoda as the National Coordination Point for the EQF Implementation

In order to coordinate the development of the national qualifications frameworks and to ensure the implementation of the European Qualifications Framework for Lifelong Learning (hereinafter EQF), it is recommended that European Union Member States create a national coordination point (hereinafter NCP). NCP is responsible for supporting and coordinating the connection between national qualifications system and EQF and to ensure that quality assurance mechanisms and transparent procedures are used.

The monitoring/control group of each country NCP is required to submit regular reports to the European Commission about the referencing process of national qualifications framework to the EQF. The NCP is also the first contact for European Commission and other relevant bodies for topics related to the EQF.

According to an ordinance of the Secretary General of the Ministry of Education and Research of 26 February 2010, this role is performed in Estonia by Estonian Qualifications Authority.

The NCP is tasked with:
  • organising the process of referencing the Estonian qualifications to the EQF levels, ensuring the involvement of
    stakeholders and the transparency of the process;
  • implementing principles ensuring quality of the referencing process agreed upon in Europe;
  • informing all stakeholders and the public about the results of the process of referencing Estonian qualifications to
    the EQF levels and developments involving the Estonian qualifications framework;
  • participating in the activities of the NCP’s network.
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