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Awarding Bodies

Awarding body is a legal entity nominated by occupational qualification council. To ensure impartiality in awarding occupational qualifications, the awarding body shall set up an occupational qualifications committee that shall consist of the parties interested in awarding occupational qualifications in the given field: specialists, employers, employees, trainers, representatives of occupational associations and, if necessary, representatives of clients, as well as other interested parties.

In order to be granted the right to award occupational qualifications, an open competition arranged by Kutsekoda shall be completed. A legal person or authority that has been declared a winner by a decision of the occupational qualification council in a public competition and that has the corresponding registration in the register of occupational qualifications may act as an awarding body. The organisation having won the competition is granted the right to award occupational qualifications for five years.

Upon registration, the names and levels of occupational qualifications which the awarding body shall be entitled to award will be determined. The procedure for the organisation of the competition and the list of documents certifying compliance with the conditions listed in §11 (1) the Occupational Qualifications Act has been established by a regulation of the Ministry of Education and Research.

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