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Kinnisvara hooldusmeister, tase 5

(1) in the original language


Facility serviceman, level 5

(1) if applicable. This translation has no legal status.


Servicing of facility (building and associated plot) is a part of the integral service of maintenance of facility. Servicing of the facility is a complex service with a main objective of preserving or restoring the condition at which the building and the associated plot preserves its performance and availability and is in accordance with the requirements established to meet the purpose of the designed building and the associated plot. Servicing of the facility is divided into two major divisions: technical servicing of the buildings and doing upkeeping works. The technical servicing of the buildings is divided into servicing of the structure of the building, servicing of buildings environment technique and servicing of buildings electrical installations and weak-current systems. Upkeeping works are divided into upkeeping and greenery planting works of the plot and inside cleaning and cleaning works of the building. The content and objective of the servicing work of facility are established more precisely in the Annex of definitions (Annex 2) of the professional standard.
A facility serviceman works in the field of servicing of the building structures and/or technical systems and/or plot, mainly in a company dealing with the servicing of facility. The main work tasks are related to organizing the maintenance of the building plot, building structures, technical systems and interior spaces.
A facility serviceman is guided in his activity by the legislation regulating the field, standards EVS 807:2010 „Kinnisvara korrashoid“ (Maintenance of facilities) and EVS-EN 15311:2011 „Ehitiste hooldusteenuste kavandamise, korraldamise ja kontrollimise kriteeriumid“ (Criteria of designing, organizing and controlling the building maintenance services) and the good practice of the field of facility maintenance as well as the general guidelines of the field given by the awarding body and the public guidelines of the field (e.g."Kinnisvarahooldaja käsiraamat“ (The handbook of the facility serviceman) etc). The activities of the field of facility servicing are described with codes 8110, 8121 and 8130 of the EMTAK (NACE).
Concerning the electrical works, the competence of the facility serviceman is limited to the simple electrical works in the concept of current legislation (except in case the facility serviceman possesses the certificate of competency required to perform electrical works).

The main work task of a facility serviceman of level 5 is to manage the direct servicing of the buildings, technological systems and the plot, instructing of maintenance workers, performing of maintenance works, if necessary, and the high quality performance of the associated work tasks. The work consists in servicing of the building and associated plot according to the maintenance plan, budget of maintenance works and instructions given by the employer. The work tasks include managing or performing of servicing and upkeeping activities, management and surveillance of the work of repair and maintenance workers (incl. e.g. preventive and emergency maintenance) in order to ensure the maintenance of the building and associated plot, keeping a maintenance book; managing the inspection, performance tests, setting-up and diagnostics; managing the elimination of discovered faults, managing of other maintenance measures included in the real estate maintenance plan as well as more complicated special works.

A facility serviceman follows in his work professional ethics and good practice (Annex 5 of the professional standard) and proceeds from the principle of confidentiality while performing his work tasks. He/she copes with work tasks in usual or complicated situations, working independently according to instructions given by the service manager. He/she knows how to use construction materials, cleaning agents, work equipment, devices and machinery economically and sustainably for health and environment while working. He/she works mainly in a team, and the work presupposes communication with maintenance workers, colleagues and clients. A facility serviceman is responsible for the timely completion of his/her work and a high-quality result as well as the compliance of the work with the maintenance plan and work budget.

Mandatory competencies:
- Performing the works of facility servicing and managing the work of workers

Competencies related to specialisation:
Performing the technical servicing and upkeeping works of buildings and structures of the plot facilities;
- Technical servicing of the structures of the building;
- Upkeep and green areas of the plot;
- Interior cleaning and tidying works.

Performing the servicing works of technological systems of the buildings and plot facilities
- Technical servicing of heating systems;
- Servicing of ventilation and cooling systems;
- Technical servicing of heating distribution station;
- Technical servicing of the water supply and sewage systems;
- Technical servicing of electrical installations;
- Technical servicing of weak-current installations, security systems and special equipment.



Work supervisor, serviceman, janitor, cleaner, general repair worker, repair and maintenance worker.

(1) If applicable

Name and status of the body awarding the certificate

The occupational certificate that has been issued by the professional council that operates under the activity license issued by a Awarding Body

Name and status of the national/regional authority providing accreditation/recognition of the certificate

Sector Skills Council approved by a Regulation of the Government of the Republic

Level of the certificate (national or international)

Estonian Qualification Frameworklevel 5
European Qualification Frameworklevel 5

Grading scale / Pass requirements


Access to next level of education/training

Facility maintenance manager, level 6

International agreements

Legal basis
Occupational Qualifications Act (RT I, 10.12.2010, 12; 01.01.2011)


In order to obtain a occupational certificate, the applicant has to prove all his/her competencies required by the occupational standard and by the procedure for awarding of occupational qualification established by the body awarding the occupational qualification.

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(*) Explanatory note
This document is designed to provide additional information about the specified certificate and does not have any legal status in itself. The format of the description is based on the following texts: Council Resolution 93/C 49/01 of 3 December 1992 on the transparency of qualifications, Council Resolution 96/C 224/04 of 15 July 1996 on the transparency of vocational training certificates, and Recommendation 2001/613/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 10 July 2001 on mobility within the Community for students, persons undergoing training, volunteers, teachers and trainers.
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