Sector skills councils

In Estonian occupational qualifications system the labour market is divided into 16 sectors (on the bases of statistical classification of economic fields in Estonia) and each sector is managed by a sector skills council.

Institutions represented in sector skills councils are nominated by the Government (10-20 institutions) and persons representing these institutions are nominated by the Minister of Education and Research. Typically institutions represented in sector skills councils are: employers organizations of the sector; trade unions of the sector; professional associations of the sector; education and training institutions; responsible ministries.
The objective of the sector skills council is registering the viewpoints and suggestions of different institutions, and achieving a consensus upon working out, developing and implementing the occupational qualifications system of the sector.
The list of sector skills councils can be find HERE.

Sector skills councils are responsible for:

The sector skills council appoints experts who shall

Cooperation between sector skills councils coordinates the Board of Charimen of Sector Skills Councils (BCSSC). BCSSC decides on the allocation of the initial occupational qualifications in the EstQF and the need to develop higher qualification levels, and approves the need for the development of the occupational qualification standards.

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