ESF Program “Development of occupational qualifications system” 2008-2013

With Directive no. 317 by the Minister of Education and Research
March 19th 2008

Program "Development of occupational qualifications system"

General objective
A supporting and sustainable occupational qualifications system, regarding labour market needs, has been implemented on lifelong learning and on the free movement of workers.


Program target groups are

Activities supported by the program

1. Development of the new concept and quality assurance principles for the occupational qualifications system.

2. The classification and cataloguing of Estonian professions

3. The modernisation of the methodology for the preparation of occupational qualification standards, renewal of occupational qualification standards

5. Development of competency centre of occupational qualifications system, training of experts related to the implementation of quality system and related groups

6. Informing of the program activities and results

Program eligibility period
The eligibility period of the program is from December 1st 2007 to December 31st 2013.
Eligible are the costs, which have incurred during the eligibility period and within the following 90 calendar days provided that the activists have occurred within the eligibility period.

Program budget
The total cost of the program is 51,999,988 Estonian kroons;
The maximum financing of the program by the community is up to 85% of the program cost and maximum sum thereof is 44,199,990 Estonian kroons. State financing is at least 15% of the cost of the program and the minimum amount is 7,799,998 Estonian kroons.